Our important Client, the Owner "Mediterranea di Navigazione", purchased a second hand ship at auction.


The ship (ex "Rapallo", renamed "Black Shark"), built in a Turkish Shipyard on 2006, had very high fuel consumption because of not optimised hull forms.

So, the Owner asked M.E.S. to improve the performance by changing the existing hull forms and to lower the fuel consumption as much as possible.

Because of time limitation, it was not possible to test in Model Basin the new hull forms; a series of simulations by C.F.D. calculations was carried out.


For costs reason, the areas to be modified were the aft and the fore ends only; although the limitations, a theoretical fuel consumption reduction of 11% was achieved.


Then, Sea Trials were carried out to verify the calculations. With big satisfaction of the Shipowner and of our Team, the results were confirmed with good margin.

Because of the good results, Shipowner asked M.E.S. to modify another existing ship in order to obtain once again a performance improvement.

This time the Model Basin tests were carried out and a very good optimisation obtained; the works on the existing hull are about to start.



We are very proud that Shipowner trusted us; modifying an existing ship is a very interesting and exciting activity and a challenge that proves our experience and our results!